My colored baby, Colored lady, Color smiled, Upon your heart, Inside our souls, Exploding every art, For people to be whole, We saw pink clouds, Each face in the crowd, Every story falling out, Making men devout, To the Wind of change, The wind sun’s paints, For a second chance, A first look, a glance, … More Colored


Light rises upon your grace As I sing on high your praise And these hands they give you all Grounding fears your love I call There is one who is good on earth There is one whose goodness is worth The invisible became flesh to save The oppressed and sinners he liberates What can we … More Creator

Can’t Buy Me

Can’t buy my love Can’t buy my heart Go bite the dust I’ve played my part This world ain’t mine This world ain’t kind Didn’t like the danger The strangers or their mind So where’s the pure? Where are the children? No one wants the cure A tale made only of villains Couldn’t shield me … More Can’t Buy Me

I Loved You

Honey I lied when I said I loved you And I lied when I took your hand And fit on that wedding band Cause we were never meant to be Now you want somethin’ that ain’t me Dear turns out it was just pretend When you asked me to build a home Cause all I … More I Loved You

Playground Rules

What was it like being thirteen? Heaven or hell? Somewhere in between? When I was the playground queen How do we define the strong? One by one knocked out cold Never needed anyone to save me Was told early on to be bold You got stuck between my teeth Always in need of a savior … More Playground Rules

Dreamless Town

Can’t you have it? I said no Seems I can never have you Gotta find something else to do Cuz I’m livin’ in a dreamless town Reach out and hold your breath Reach for what you’ll never have Cause they moved you here And this dreamless town is reality Love the hustle, love the games … More Dreamless Town


Baby’s future living in the past Can’t catch Baby she’s too fast They called her Baby when she smiled Baby wore leather jackets since she was a child Baby her daddy said you’re one of a kind It’s probably why she lost her mind Cause school boards couldn’t define What she felt in the midst … More Baby

Venus & Mars

Boys are from Mars Girls are from Venus I’m going back to the Stars It’s where I came from Mars got that red Girls got their blues The earth’s not ahead Of every hidden truth So sad is Venus So dry is Mars But heaven’s home for us And our fancy cars Venus caught on … More Venus & Mars


You think I needed this? Thought this was it? Oops it was never yours, forgive my manners dear, But it was you who said you knew what I wanted, It was you who expected me to settle for your gift, Be the girl who waits for you by the phone, The girl who thinks she … More Blame